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A powerful User Story Mapping tool

Story Maps for Jira is the free version of Advanced Story Maps - build user story maps directly in Jira
Story Map Overview

Super fast Issue Editing

Create issues directly from the user story map, edit them with a few clicks and assign them to sprints and releases
Moving items on the story map

Easy Release & Sprint Planning

Plan releases, sprints across many different projects and create them directly from the story map.
Adding Sprints & Releases on the fly

More Details

  • A Powerful Planning Tool
    Create a visual user story map to easily plan sprints or releases. All within Jira
  • Edit on the fly
    Update your Jira tickets right from the user story map. See all changes apply instantly
  • Get started in seconds
    Story Maps for Jira - Free will let you create user story maps right from your existing agile boards

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  • One story map per project
  • Epic & Issue Linking
  • Sprint & Release Planning


  • Unlimited Story Maps
  • Link any issue type
  • High-level activities
  • Custom swimlanes
  • Multi-project maps
  • Available for Jira Data Center


  • All Standard Features
  • Swimlane goals (KPI)
  • Optimized for portfolio management
  • certified