You can manage multiple maps inside a single project. You will be presented with the overview screen when opening the app for the first time or if the project does not contain any story maps. You will find a list of all available story maps here, and you will be able to create a new one. For each story map, you will have the following options:


Jump right into your story map.

Open by default

You can skip the overview screen in the future if you want to primarily work with one story map. When clicking the star icon, the app will save this configuration for you, the individual user, not the entire project. Next time, your primary story map will load when opening the app.


Rename the story map anytime to keep organized.


Will remove the story map alongside all the configurations. The issues inside the story map will not be affected.

Adding a new story map

Please read our guide here.

The story map screen

Story Map Visualization

  1. Add Button to add issues, sprints or releases to your story map
  2. Filter visible issues on your story map
  3. Switch swimlanes to assign issues to sprints, releases or custom swimlanes
  4. Hierarchy configuration
  5. App menu - find settings, support options and help here
  6. Backbone row that determines the columns of the story map
  7. A swim lane - in this example a sprint swim lane
  8. The unassigned swim lane with all elements that are not assigned to a sprint
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