Upgrading the free app

Free vs Pro explained

Currently, the paid version offers the following benefits over the free version:

  • Multiple story maps per project
  • Use any Jira Issue & Link Type to connect the different levels
  • Add top-level goals & activities (third level above the epic row)
  • Map issues to custom field values
  • Customize the card layout (select which fields to display on cards)
  • Configurable swimlanes
  • Epic and swimlane statistics with support for time tracking & third-party apps like “Foxly Backlog Prioritization”

You also have the possibility to enable/disable the app for certain projects and use the Jira Premium features from Advanced Roadmaps (Custom Parent / Child relationships).

No Action required when upgrading

Upgrading from the free edition is very easy. Advanced Story Maps for Jira works with the data structures from the free edition and adds additional data when needed.

Simply install the app and make sure to uninstall the free edition, as there will be two menu entries otherwise.

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