The following section explains the many possible settings for your user story map

Backlog Configuration

You can select a new Jira agile board here at any time. The agile board will be used to gather sprint and release information as well as to gather unassigned issues to form the backlog of the story map.

Additionally, the sorting and filter of the backlog can be controlled here.

Field Configuration

Epic Fields

You can display statistics for the Epic here, for example, the number of issues in the Epic, which state these issues have, the percentage of story points done or simply the percentage of issues done in total.


Configure whether to either display the number of story points in each status or the number of issues in each status.

Issue Fields

You can select from a variety of fields to display in the story map. Story Mapping app supports all text and number fields, as well a selection of multi- and single-select fields.

You can also display many Jira standard fields like Labels, Assignee, Reporter, etc.

Display Options

Column coloring

Use the color selected for the epic to color the entire column. This helps separate columns visually.

Show goal swimlane

Display or hide the activity / goal swimlane of the story map. This will not affect any existing data.

Scrollable header (Cloud only)

The header can scroll down to the bottom of the story map. This is useful for large maps.

Hide Epic Issue Key

Hide the epic issue key in the story map. This can help with readability.

Show tool icons

Display all icons by default.

Show completed sprints & releases

These options let the story map display completed sprints and releases.

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